Where is the content ?

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Local content

During the project init, one file has been created locally: You can change its content and reload the page, changes will be automatically applied. You can create more files:

  1. create a file and add content in it
  2. open http://localhost:3000/test.html to see your new content

This is really useful for local and offline development but this is not where the content should reside.

Content stored on github

Here are the instructions to store your content on github and tell Helix to consume the content from github and not locally:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new hellohelixcontent repository in your favorite org
  3. Add a file with some content
  4. In your Helix project, create a new helix-config.yaml file add the root
  5. Add following line to file (and replace <your org>)
content:<your org>/hellohelixcontent
  1. Restart hlx up

Open the url http://localhost:3000/: the content is now coming from the hellohelixcontent git repository.